JANUARY 26, 2019


Why Parents Disapprove of Non-Traditional Career Paths



Photo by Kelly Sikkema


The concern of parents for their children are valid for their love is true and their care genuine. Most parents have made sacrifices for their children at one time or another. They do not want their children to have to live through the struggles which they once faced. Parents have always paved the way for their children to have access to opportunities which they were unable to attain themselves. They sowed the seeds of hope for generations to come, while simultaneously burying their own dreams.

Ultimately, parents always have the best interests of their children in mind. They want them to have stability, the stability which they could never afford. Parents also want their children to live life among their comfort zones, because they want them to reap the fruits of their labour. Parents have often made long term plans, through sacrifice of everything in the short term. They have invested all of their time, energy, and resources on raising their children. Their children are the only retirement plan they will have. 

These are few of the reasons as to why it remains difficult for parents to grasp why we may seek a career that may not guarantee financial stability. When children reject their parents’ plan they are unable to understand why they would willingly do so. As from the perspective of parents, they are guiding their children to the only path which they have known by which one can attain happiness. Parents just want their children to be happy, healthy and well off.

For every generation, there is the common hope that the next one will be better off than the last.  This may be rooted in the psyche of human ego, or something else for that I do not know. 

My point remains that you can convince your parents in a respectful manner to pursue your dreams, keeping in mind, (this may require time and persistence to achieve). It is important to not dismiss the perspective of your parents either. At the end of the day, we all only live for so long, and your parents will not always be with you and they recognize this better than you. Rather than getting upset, try to reassure your parents, discuss the matter with them while keeping a plan in mind and remember to connect with them on a deeper emotional level as well. This will help put their mind at ease, and give the semblance that you are seriously committed and willing to pursue your dreams. Often parents may dismiss your dreams because you seem unsure of them yourself, so please take the time to re-evaluate your determination wholeheartedly. 

Parents just want to be able to aid their children in whatever capacity they can. However, this becomes a challenge when you opt to pursue a field in which they have no prior experience or knowledge. It troubles them knowing full well that they may not be able to help you to their fullest capacity. When the thought crosses your mind next, please do stand up for yourself and set out to live your best life, but do so with empathy and understanding of your parents' perspective. Do not remove from your life, the people who truly care about you and love you no matter what. I hope that none of you come to regret a decision made hastily today only to realize when it is too late.

I recommend that you ask your parents questions, that you listen to them, and make them your best friends with whom you may share any ideas you might have. Despite them not being the most knowledgeable about how the world works today, there still remains much to learn from their experiences with people.

Please know that you do not have to pick between your family or your dreams, it is possible and you too can indeed have both in this life. Although, this may not be easy, nothing in life ever is, so know that this too is a challenge which you can indeed overcome through communication and empathy.