JANUARY 3, 2019


Democratization of Creative Tools


Photographs by rawpixel


Do you find yourself unable to pursue your creative endeavours in the digital space due to expensive softwares? Perhaps you are a student or are just seeking an avenue to learn but cannot afford to purchase high-end services? These limitations should no longer prevent you from exploring your creativity in the digital age, as the solution lies in open source softwares and services.


All softwares listed below are FREE and available on all operating systems. (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

I've either used these softwares at one point or continue to use them even to this day. There of course exist other options but these are some of my favourite and best open source softwares and services. (biased)

I hope that helps some of you get the start you're looking for!





DaVinci Resolve 15

A powerful and all inclusive video editing suite - just as capable as Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere


Fusion 9

A powerful motion graphics software - like Adobe After Effects but uses nodes rather than layers



An alternative to Adobe Photoshop



A hybrid of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop which is capable of opening .PSD files and working with Vectors



Takes the place of Adobe Lightroom or Apple's (discontinued) Aperture


Open Office

Just like Microsoft Office - but Free


Microsoft Sway

Like Prezi but a better alternate (in my opinion) - AI Presentation Software


Adobe Spark

Like Canva - easy to use but more updated dimensions for social media



Free to use Photos - no attribution required but is appreciated - community oriented


Pexels Images

Free to use Photos - see individual licenses


Pexels Videos

Free Stock Footage - see individual licenses



File Transfer service - useful, efficient (Free option limited to 2GB file size)


OBS Studio

Livestream and broadcast control software - Twitch, Facebook Live, YouTube Live



Basic alternate to Adobe Audition



Free Podcast hosting and distribution - easy to use (beginners to professionals)



Free 50GB Cloud Storage